From the ZX Spectrum to the Sony Playstation, Retro Review delves into the gaming vault from the past 40 years to find just exactly what the new generation of gamers are missing out on. With a lot of retro games finaly making a come back on the modern consoles, it is great to find some of the oldschool games that shaped the games industry as we know it.

However, after getting an arcade machine I discovered that there are many epic classics that I have not heard of before. Every time a new friend came round they would ask if it had certain games on... Games that in some instances I had never even heard of. Many of these games deserve to be played on the big widescreen tv of today. Until that time comes you can head online to ebay and play them on the consoles they were built for.


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By Douglas Titchmarsh
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Submitted by Douglas Titchmarsh